Lead product designer & problem solver

Hi, I'm Mathias — advocate for the user. I’m currently working for Fresha in London. Thank you for stopping by 👋

A little bit about me

User’s first

I'm a Lead Product Designer guiding a cross-functional team in connecting millions of users assisting over 100 engineers and 10 designers at Fresha. As a problem solver, I care about crafting products and experiences that are useful, useable, and beautiful. I always try to balance business goals and engineering constraints while defending the users’ needs.

My background

Before taking on my role at Fresha, I lead the Service Provider area at Preqin and defined the visual design & user experience for Echobox. And even before that, I was a concept artist working for various indie companies.

My process

Derived from the book Lean UX, my process can be broken down in to 3 stages:

  1. Think is focused on learning about the user and the strategy.
  2. Make is about creating designs and building prototypes.
  3. Check is centered on going back and evaluating performance after launch.

It’s a cyclical and iterative process that is quick, efficient, accurate, and adaptive. To learn more about my process in depth, you can check out my case studies below.

Design systems

Building design systems

An overview of my approach to creating design systems. From the foundations to more advanced techniques to help other designers build the right solution for the users.