Hi, I'm Mathias Bx -
Product Designer & problem solver. I’m an advocate for the user. Currently working remotely for Echobox.

A little bit about myself

I'm a Product Designer creating thoughtful solutions to sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) at Echobox. As a problem solver, I care about crafting products and experiences that are useful, useable, and beautiful. I always try to balance business goals and engineering constraints while defending the users’ needs.

Derived from the book Lean UX, my process can be broken down in to 3 stages:

It’s a cyclical and iterative process that is quick, efficient, accurate, and adaptive.

Before taking on my role at Echobox, I was a concept artist working for various indie companies. It taught me how to research thoroughly, design with a purpose and think critically. The concept art world humbled me and made sure that I had no ego towards my designs. My only goal is to create great user experiences.

Bark Up - Find Your Pet

Bark Up is an app connected to a GPS tracker. It allows people to track their pets and get alerts if they get lost, run away or have been dog-napped.

Bark Up Case Study

Taskly - Task & Schedule Management

Taskly is a note taking app made for the everyday user. Its goal is to keep your ideas, events, and everything that you want to remember close to you. All of this, while delivering a simple and easy to use interface.

Taskly Case Study


Here’s a curated list of books that helped me get where I am today.


These are my favorites podcasts I like to listen to when commuting or cleaning the house.

Feel free to get in touch

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a project, or just say hello over at mathiasbx@outlook.com.

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